Is my child right for nature preschool?

Nature based preschool IS different, and is not right for every child. In this same sense, nature-based school is not right for every parent. When considering a nature-based school, consider the following points:


As a parent- 

  • Are you willing to have a positive attitude regarding the weather, no matter the weather? 

  • Are you willing to model the importance of outdoor education to your children? They are going to want to share some of their experiences at school with you at home and on the weekends.

  • Are you willing to take home dirty clothes and children to wash each day?

  • Would you like your child to develop strong social skills?

  • Would you like your child to experience the social and emotional benefits of spending time outside in nature?

  • Are you looking for an alternative full-day care program that focuses on the value of play during this stage of your child's development?

  • Would you like your child to learn to be empathetic of nature and others?

  • Are you comfortable with your child engaging in "risky play"? Please note, there is a difference between hazardous and risky, and the later has been well documented as beneficial for children. A link to an article regarding this is below.

  • Are you willing and able to supply the required clothing needed for children to spend time outdoors in our vast Minnesota weather?

Your child-

  • Is your child toilet trained?

  • Is your child comfortable with being dirty?

  • Is your child capable of doing age-appropriate

activities on their own (without the assistance

of an adult). For example, putting on one's own

shoes and jacket)?






At 10 Acre Wood Nature Preschool, we want to make sure this style of learning is a good fit for everyone here. That is why we speak with every interested family BEFORE you can officially enroll. We want to make sure we are all a good fit for each other!  

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