A Typical Day at 10 Acre Wood

This is an example of what our day might look like, but as always things may change or look differently depending on what students are interested in that day or in case of a severe weather event that keeps us inside. During the winter, we will go out until children become too cold as long as the frostbite time is more than 30 minutes. We will dress appropriately and do things to keep our bodies warm, but some days we may only be outside for a short amount of time. In this case, we have done our best to bring nature and loose part play inside so flow time and learning can continue indoors.

6:00 am Drop-off starts 

     Children gather in the schoolhouse and partake in indoor activities until entire class is present 

9:30 am Morning snack is served 

10:00 am Flow Time- Class heasd outside for the day 

     Children direct activities, but staff may suggest an appropriate area for the day.  

11:15 am Restroom break 

11:30 am Large group activity. All groups join at the school to participate in a large group activity planned by one of the teachers. Samples include singing songs, playing games or team building activities 

12:00 pm Lunch 

12:30 pm Nap-time or 30 min rest period 

2:00 pm Flow Time-Groups head out for afternoon activity or Arts and Crafts (Monday/Thursday) 

3:30 pm Afternoon snack is served 

3:45 pm Groups head back to their classrooms and have a restroom break 

4:00-6:00 pm Pick-up time begins, groups spend time in or around schoolhouse 

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