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A Typical Day at 10 Acre Wood

This is an example of what our day might look like, but as always things may change or look differently depending on what students are interested in that day or in case of a severe weather event that keeps us inside.


Daily Schedule 


8:00 am - 9:30 am Drop off  Time

     Children gather inside to play freely until snack


9:30 am Morning snack is served  


10:00 am Outdoor Time 

      Students get ready and head outside for the morning. We have an outdoor play space, woods, wetlands, prairie and gardens to explore!

12:00 pm Lunch  

12:45 pm Gathering Time

     A time for songs, reflection and community announcements


1:00 pm Nap-time or 30 min rest period  

1:30pm Large group activity  

    For those children who do not fall asleep, a quiet table activity is offered. We do our best to choose a variety open ended activities. 


2:00 pm Outdoor Time 

     We head out for afternoon fun outside. Children who have fallen asleep remain sleeping inside with a teacher until snack.


3:00 pm Afternoon snack is served 

3:30 pm Outdoor Time

3:30 pm- 5:30 pm Pickup Time

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