Why choose a nature-based school?

There are many reasons to choose a nature-based school and tons of research out there to support the nature-based model. I will list a few of my favorites here and also provide a link to a great organization that hosts a bunch of research and one of their fact-sheets.


We are also a play-based school, and a link to a great article on play-based versus academic preschools is below as well. Ms. Hannah would be happy to talk to you more about play-based as well and how we prepare children not only for kindergarten but for life-long success through development of social and emotional skills between ages 3 and 5.  

My favorite reasons:

-Because society today is driven around technology and there is often a large absence of outdoor time for children today

-Because nature allows children to "unwind" and provides an amazing space to get out all of a child's natural wiggles and instincts

-Because my favorite memories of childhood all revolve around playing outside, and I want to make a similar impact on my own children and any others who attend this school

-Because the nature-based model, coupled with the play-based child-led style of teaching is a way to set children up for success in future academics, in future social situations and can also help children emotionally.

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