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Financial Resources

If you need help affording the cost of child care, there are several resources available to help. Please click the link below to be directed to the Parent Aware website for further information.


Please note that 10 Acre Wood Nature Preschool is not responsible for any of these programs, but offers these as a resource for parents so that our program is more accessible to all families. For more information, please contact the scholarship administrator directly.

As a 4 Star Parent-Aware Rated Program, students who meet criteria and attend 10 Acre Wood are eligible for up to an $8,500 Early Learning Scholarship to our program. 

We also accept CCAP, however, parents are responsible for covering the difference between the CCAP payment and full tuition. As of February 2023 the CCAP reimbursement rate is set at $43.20 daily or $204 weekly. See our Enrollment Information page for current tuition rates. 

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