Ms. Hannah

teaches Mon, Tues, Weds and Friday

Ms. Hannah is married to Mr. Dan (the handyman), who you may see around helping us fix anything that breaks or mowing the lawn. Hannah and Dan own and live on the property in the Main House. They live there with their son, Bennett, Maynard the big black dog and Raskle the little black and white dog. 

Ms. Hannah has a bachelor's degree in business and recently completed her master's degree from Hamline University. At Hamline she earned her Masters Degree in Education: Environmental Education and Natural Sciences while focusing on early childhood education and specifically nature-based preschools in Minnesota. Ms. Hannah is also a volunteer Master Naturalist at MNAT. She completed a 40 hour training to be awarded this title. 

Ms. Hannah's favorite season is summer because she loves taking naps in the sun! Her favorite animal is hard to pin down and she has a weird obsession for lichens and finds bogs intriguing. 

_that little dog stole my bone again!_.j